Under the Influence with ApexDrop

When: Thursday, February 13th 
The Nonprofit Partnership, 609 Walnut St. Erie
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
$20 for PRSA Members and Students, $30 for Non-Members
Lunch will be provided

Has a celebrity or account you follow ever convinced you to buy something?

Influencer marketing occurs when organizations partner with top content creators — people with thousands or even millions of followers — to promote their products or services to the content creator’s audience. An even newer concept known as micro-influencer marketing recently joined the social media scene. It’s the same concept of influencer marketing, but on a smaller scale. Micro-influencer marketing partners brands and individuals with smaller social media followings to promote products with authentic, visual posts instead of sponsored ads.

Erie is lucky to have ApexDrop, a company with expertise and every day experience working in this emerging industry. Join us for a discussion with the ApexDrop team to learn how you can leverage influencer marketing to help your company or organization grow in 2020.