Mentor Program for PRSSA Students

Members of the Public Relations Society of America – Northwestern Pennsylvania Chapter are excited to launch a mentoring program offered to all members of PRSSA within the Northwestern Pennsylvania area.

Through this program, we will match public relations/marketing/communications students with experienced professionals, who can provide guidance on job searches, professional development, ethics, and other interests.

Guidance by phone or e-mail is encouraged, with meetings happening at least twice a year. The length of the program, as well as time commitment, is completely dependent on mentor and mentee.

Generally, mentors and student mentees communicate via phone and email. Get togethers for coffee or lunch at least twice a year are encouraged, with each individual paying for their own tab.

Suggested Topics:

  • Résumé writing
  • Portfolio building
  • Class schedule, program and other related courses
  • Internships
  • Local companies and organizations
  • Networking opportunities
  • Obtaining an APR
  • Pursuing a graduate degree
  • Managing conflict and other challenges in the workplace
  • PRSA Membership

*The Mentor Program is only open to PRSA NWPA and PRSSA/student club members at local colleges and universities.


Mentors offer guidance by phone or e-mail on the student’s questions regarding career development, knowledge of jobs and career paths, or expectations for a new PR employee. Mentors will offer constructive feedback and criticism on résumés and cover letters.

*Respecting confidentiality is required.

All interested mentors should send an email to the PRSA NWPA Board of Directors at explaining why you’d like to be a mentor. Please include the best phone number and email to use for contacting you and a board member will follow up with you.


Mentees accept feedback and maintain consistent contact with the mentor. These are students who are members of a local college or university’s PRSSA chapter who are willing to learn. who will be responsible for initiating the conversation, and who make productive use of the mentor’s time.

*Respecting confidentiality is required. Please contact your mentor within 48 hours of receiving their contact information.

Students please complete this application to be considered as a mentee.